Re: ballet in cyberspace

Fri, 23 May 1997 07:12:04 +1000

Richard Povall wrote:
> I've been working with a variety of motion capture systems for some years
> now, but by far the best I have worked with is BigEye, made at and
> available from STEIM.

Yes, I've seen the demo. That is a bit frustrating because you can't save
anything (not surprising for a demo, but something like a "crippled file"
or limited use period would have been nicer, if a bt riskier for STEIM).

I found the interface a bit clunky; so much stuff to wade through. I admit
though that my trial was not very long. Also, not surprisingly, it's very
resource intensive. At the time, I was using a 6100/60AV; I could try it
again now that my dept has faster machines. It has a proprietary MIDI
driver. If there's a way to fudge it with OMS, I'd like to know (but then
later versions, 2.0 or higher, of OMS are also rsource intensive).

For simplicity, I really like Eric Singer's VideoIn object for MAX.

> It's also not dissimilar to Very Nervous System

We'll have to ask Todd Winkler about that! The advantage of VNS is that all
processing occurs outboard (on a separate card) rather than soaking up
lots of QuickTime. At least, this is what I understand to be the case.

Regards, David

P.S. I don't know of anyone in Australia using either of these systems.