My first posting

David Kroth (
Thu, 22 May 1997 08:32:26 -0700 (PDT)

Hello! This is my first posting, tho I've been watching the action from
the grandstands for a couple of months now. I'd probably still be there
but Mark called me out, in a response to nic from UCLA.
Briefly, I'm DK and I am the TD for the school of dance at CalArts, I also
teach lighting design and I do the web pages for the dance school. I
joined the list because the areas discussed here are things I'd like to
learn more about, and I want to do some of the same things.
As Mark mentioned, here's what we do with computers.
The dance school has it's own lab, four macs. Three with video cards and
dual monitors, one with a sound card hooked up to all our mixing gear.
Each graduate student takes a course every semester called Digital Dance.
And in their first year they, with the BFA IV's take Dance Video.
Mostly the dancers do projects for class, making videos - editing, adding
music, shooting, etc. for a presentation once a semester.
Because of this, if they choose, they might make a video to be projected
behind a dance or down onto a dance for one of their dance pieces.
We've yet to take the steps to do internet performances.
I remember nic saying that the dean of UCLA's dance dept. was 'on the
cutting edge'. Well, we certainly are not! We are doing more and more
stuff, mostly because of the forward thinking of our dean, but our school
will never have the bucks to keep up with the fast changing technology.
We're mostly encouraging solid work.
We will be getting two Intergraph computers, and I've requested one be
placed in our booth for show control etc. I've a dream that we'll be doing
much of what y'all have been talking about on this list. This summer we're
getting T-100 lines, fiber optic. So I think we'll be able to do some cool
on campus stuff, but I've get to figure out how to make the jump to an
actual internet performance.

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