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Cynthia A. Roses (
Wed, 21 May 1997 22:49:51 -0400

Good Morning Everyone,

I will be finally completing my DANCE Technique Website this weekend and
I am including a page on dance and computers. Dance into the 21st
Century I'm going to call it. It is my own effort at making dancers more
aware of what's out there in technology-land.

I would like to link to many of your websites so they have places to go
to experience and understand what's going on. I'm not the computer
wizards that you guys are but I think I can handle this. Anyway if there
are any objections please let me know.

I am also accepting suggestions on creating webpages, links, any morsels
you computer brains want to throw my way!

Cynthia Roses-Thema
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