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Mary-Lou Michael (loulou@adam.com.au)
Wed, 23 Apr 1997 13:04:55 +0000

Hi Amanda,
In response to your mail...
Is it necessary for the body to be physically present in a
-Fascinating question, especially since the body can now be
represented in many new forms through the use of technology.
Question -Are you refering to the dancers body or that of the
-We debated this topic extensively during my degree here in Adelaide,
Australia, and I remember coming to the conclusion that a performance
can only really be called a performance if it is 'live'.That an art
work can only be a work of art if it is intentionally prepared to show
to an audience. Yet we also discussed the possibility of artists who
still create works of art without the intention of performing.
-I think there is a need to re-assess many definitions, as so much is
in question!!

-I have found many of the conversations and articles on
this...dance-tech thing... really interesting... thanks!