Re: I couldn't help it!

Dawn Stoppiello (
Tue, 22 Apr 1997 22:20:44 +0100

>I apply for funding to work with performance and installation. I say I'm a
>choreographer. I say dancers r involved. I say I am using a good deal of
>technological intervention. I say I am working with media artists and
>musicians. I recieve funding to make dance performance. I use the money to
>make both performance and installation. I get a few minutes on national
>telly, and they say it is an extract from the ballet "Motherboard",
>whatever I say.
>On the panel I will talk about performance, because that's what I'v been
>asked to talk about, and someone will say, but i was at your installation,
>and I left bcoz there was no performance, and I will say, I am sorry you
>were disappointed, it was an installation, but you performed well.

****needs a new "title" what you do Amanda! I think many people have a hard
time experiencing something when they don't know what it is, what it is
called, what catagory it fits into, where to list it in the listings
section of weekly papers. I also think people have expectations when they
think they are going to a performance, installation, etc.....

Don't worry. Someone will name it...eventually.

Good luck with the panel.
and we think spring might have finally arrived here in NYC. which means it
cn't be too far from Norway!

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