Re: respoding to Dawn

Amanda Steggell (
Mon, 14 Apr 1997 00:19:46 +0200 (MET DST)

After reading Dawn's mail and with regards to the grid system she spoke
about: I would like to suggest that mayb Dawn and Mark could find a clue in
two things : what is the title of this piece:

I confess to actually knowing their present title: but let's think that I don't.

The piece seems to b about giving and taking space, and having the power to
do so, as an individualm and as a group.

Who then is the strongest: the individual or the group + how do these
parameters change? Do they change? Does the technology empower, or is it an
expression of the winning and loosing of space?

Then I think of the infra red beams that we can't see. "Blind red"

"Better red than dead" came to mind? Un/fortunately this is a title that a
choreographer called Alison Murray used for a video dance piece based
around preconceptions of premenstrual cycles! Moving on - infra red beams
used in security systems - mayb there's something there. Mayb something we
take for granted - but that might help an audience to connect with the
dance piece - RED ALERT. I'm thinking of bullfighting too - the matador
flashes the red cloak enraging the bull so he charges towards that point -
thoughts going off at a tangent I think? Mayb giving an audience a chance
to move themselves in the grid space before the performance? Letting them
know the rules? "My security"? as title? ...........

Don't know if this helps? Anyway dawn, you show your work, also with these
doubts. As independents, it must b our priveledge to do just this. You just
have to plough straight in, also remebering that
theoreticians/academics/critics are reliant on THINGS THAT HAPPEN to make
their reports, studies, theories and philosophies.

love Amanda

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