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Scott deLahunta (
Sun, 13 Apr 1997 12:33:39 +0200

I'm looking back at a dozen messages which have come in since last Sunday.
Unfortunately, today is not a day for responding to them -- too many other
things call me away from my computer. I've just emailed Scott Sutherland the
list manager to see if there is anyway to insert <dance-tech> into the
subject line of all postings to the list so that it will be easier for us to
sort/organise the postings from the other mail we all get.

Albert Jan ven der Stel -- an Amsterdam based dancer/choreographer who works
with Lifeforms gave a great presentation to my comp class at the SNDO on
Friday. He is reading this list... and mentioned that he is curious to know
more about who we all are. In the past, I have seen lists ask their readers
to post short biographies... but in the case of our list I would like to
steer people to the 'dance and technology zone'
pages where many of us, Johannes, Richard, Mark, etc. are listed in the
'artists links'. Also, most of us have signatures at the bottom of these
postings which link to our own websites. So, I think the biographical
information is available. If you don't have a website and aren't listed in
the 'artists links' of the D&TZ (which you could always do -- even if you
consider yourself more of an organiser, educator or writer), then feel free
to post something here saying who you are if you wish.

There is another way to get information about who is reading the list --
something I do frequently to check on who is on -- you can send a mail to:

and in the body of the message type:

recipients dance-tech

You will immediately receive a short list of who we are with our email
addresses. We are now up to 50...

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