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Hi every one!

>I would like to pick up just a bit on this -- and to remind us all that
>there are now about 50 people reading this list. How do we conduct our
>conversations in such a way that more people can join them? should we? The
>recent long and very interesting posts -- have also been exhausting for me
>to sort out and to respond to. While at the same time, I really appreciate
>the way in which the writers have taken the time to go in depth into the
>many points each has brought up.
>Is anyone else having this experience? Is this something we should think

I would like to thank Scott, I thought I was beeing laysy or not clear minded enough this last days when I faced my mail. Yes, I very much enjoyed reading the messages and like him I appreciated very much most of the points which were made and discused, but I had no strenght and no time to go through it carefully enough so that I could give some feed back.
May be if they would have caught me in a different mood, different time...

It is a bit like beeing in an open pannel and after several hours of talking and discussion your mind starts wondering, leaving the room for a while. I am afraid one can not do anything about it other than making your own choices and assuming to which degree the list is important and commit to it. But most of us have very busy lifes, and there are priorities.

>Back to the idea of how to conduct these discussions:
>Now I am not sure that I have really addressed the issues Johannes is
>talking about, or if I have taken into consideration Richard's comments --
>or Mark's or Amanda's. This is the drawback of being in an asynchronous
>discussion mode. There is no one to stop me and ask me to clarify or to
>point out where I'm diverging from the main point. This is the disadvantage
>and in part the ineffectiveness, in my opinion, of discussion lists... and
>is why I think I have seen several potentially interesting ones come and
>go... and I would like to see this one stay alive. How do we keep it alive?

Nevertheless, even if I do not write I find myself thinking what would be my respons or comments to the messages I get, unluckily this does not come across like it would if we all would be in a room, where you could actually feel the tention and atention building up, the group's energy getting heavier and more alife, where I could stop the person speaking at any time to question things, to ask for clarification. The fact that any of us has the oportunity to go on and develope a thought makes it large and rich in a way, because resposes and questions will have to touch a larger range of thoughts and ideas instead of stoping them at a certain point. BUT, it is easier to loose interest since this is a fake dialogue. I might get emotional about some issues, but my response will never be as direct and honest as if I could response to any of you immidiatly may be even rising my voice with a red face...Now I have time to think about it, type it, and I can not read your faces starei!
ng at me with the most different expressions.I do not feel self concious.

I have no suggestions though, this is the first list I am in. I can only thank you all for beeing still there/here, I am always courious and happy about your incoming messages. I think though this have some straight connections to the question Johannes had a couple of messages ago about beeing able to redesign dance and physical/emotional experiences, and also with the most recent question from Scott

>What is intriguing is
>the possibility that eventually new models for social interaction and
>responsibility will arise from the new technology. If these are not sited in
>the body, is it possible they will be based less in fear and more in some
>other, to be defined, relationship? What role do artists have in this

We are in the process of finding or redesigning relationships. Redesigning Space, time, wheight, flow...Laban would have enjoyed the challange as much as we do and as much as we doubt, get confuse or discourage by it.



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