Re: discussions...

Dawn Stoppiello (
Mon, 7 Apr 1997 10:07:49 +0100

In response to Scott:
>Is anyone else having this experience? Is this something we should think about?

My first problem is that I can think and talk much faster than I can type.
I am problably not the only person whith this problem. What usually happens
(if I have had the time to even read the postings) is that I will turn to
Mark and have a discussion about the topic. This is great but unfortunately
it leaves all of you out. I guess when my computer can take perfect
dictation, this will be solved.

Also, I have to admit that in my current state of being where time is so
incredibly precious, I have a way that I weed out my email: I open the post
then I scroll down. If the post is more than a paragraph or two, I pass it
up saying if I have time, I will read it later...later never comes. I (like
Imma) was feeling that maybe I was just being lazy or that I didn't care
enough about these topics. I care alot about these topics and maybe it's
because I am thinking (and making) these ideas all day that my mind is mush
by the end of the day when I sit and read my email. Today I actually had
the time to peek at the list in the morning but this is very unusual for

(breaking my own rule and going to a third paragraph) I sometimes have
trouble with the language. I too went to art school and can speak that
speak when I need to but I am not nearly as fluent as some of you and when
the theories get to high, I jump ship. I am working all the time on upping
my "theory chops" so that I can better express my own
thoughts/feelings/ideas but at the moment I just find the lingo hard to
understand and sometimes annoying. Mark has a saying like this: "Theories,
theories, theories, I like 'em, I like 'em, I like 'em. They look good on
paper, don't they?"

but in the end, i am glad to be here, and glad you all are here too.

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