Re: Digital Dancing 97

Richard Povall (
Wed, 02 Apr 1997 17:10:18 +0100

>I am not a teacher - I am a producer and an artist. To the best of my
>knowledge there is no other forum, certainly in Europe, other than Digital
>Dancing in which choreographers can have access to the technology (hardware
>and software) and talent (primarily people) in a milieu that encourages the
>production of creative work in a context that also encourages debate and
>education. i.e. work first, learn by working, discourse later...

What about the European Choregraphic Forum, part of the Dartington Summer
School? Admittedly, this is an invitation only event, but it does provide
exactly the milieu you talk about - indeed, that is it's central mission.

For more information, contact shinkansen (London) or the Dartington Summer
School (Totnes, Devon).

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