Re: Digital Dancing 97

Terry Braun (
Thu, 3 Apr 1997 10:45:17 +0000

>What about the European Choregraphic Forum, part of the Dartington Summer
>School? Admittedly, this is an invitation only event, but it does provide
>exactly the milieu you talk about - indeed, that is it's central mission.
>For more information, contact shinkansen (London) or the Dartington Summer
>School (Totnes, Devon).

The Dartington Summer School is very important - but still rooted in the
"School" environment - and so it should be. If Digital Dancing is about
"schooling" then it is about the radical redefinition of what we mean by
"school" and what we do in it. I am not convinced (and this is based on
both awareness of and respect for Shinkansen's work) that we share our
central mission at all nor do I think that we provide the same milieu -
although I do think that we complement each other and as such are important
pieces in a bigger puzzle.

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