Re: Cassandra/an appology, some ?s, and feedback

Lisa Naugle (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 22:47:09 -0800 (PST)

Yes...thinking of the Cassandra theme...a piece where I feel the
relationships are on "shaky" ground..because (cassandra's)..insight is one believes (in her), ... and when we are cut off from one
another...are we not also cut off from a grain of truth? The technology,
itself a breathless raving... must sometimes exist in a dark shadow before
the next transformation...

Here too, I agree with you (Scott and Amanda):
>explore the gaps between our sense of what is and what is becoming here in
>this >new space for interaction... by focussing on the splits, the rifts,
>the false >hype and the errors... and especially on the lost sense of
>presence, not as >loss, but as stepping stone.

Funny that you should mention stepping stones...I spoke of the same
methaphor with one of the dancers during our long drive home after the Web

Bye for now,

>I missed the performance, but wanted to follow up on Amanda's posting:
>>- and 2 start to create pieces that manage to cater for the kind of
>>segregation of elements which occurs through the technology, through the
>>split locations, and through the structuring and "nature" of mixed media
>>interactive works.
>Her thoughts here I agree with -- I would like to see us exploring the gaps
>between our sense of what is and what is becoming here in this new space for
>interaction... by focussing on the splits, the rifts, the false hype and the
>errors... and especially on the lost sense of presence, not as loss, but as
>stepping stone.
>For a great read on the 'nature' of the net -- as interactive space, see
>Sandy Stone's -- The War of Desire and Technology at the Close of the
>Mechanical Age (more info: The net
>as a place of experience and not just a new communications tool. Most of us
>would/ do agree -- it's nice to read such a clear and playful text on the idea.
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