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Lisa Naugle (
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 23:58:15 -0800 (PST)

The next phase of the Cassandra Project (Web Site Performance) will be in
March. Perhaps the next event will work out better for those who could not
participate yesterday.

I very much appreciate Amanda's perspective...which certainly provides me
with an impetus for several in-depth discussions.

But first...I feel the Web Performance went well, even though the music
site had some technical difficulties. (There were four sites: Music,
Actors (2 sites NYC), Poety, (Illinois), Dance (Vancouver, Canada). From
Vancouver, we sent 90 minutes of uninterrupted dance images - real-time
dance and prerecorded videotape. The videotape was edited at Simon Fraser
University, the content was my interpretation of HYPERCASSANDRA. I read
"The Cassandra Complex: Living with Disbelief and used this text to frame
the dance. During the Web Site Event, the four dancers would listen to
the sound and actors words which triggered some of their improvisation. As
the choreographer, I provided the dancers with "clusters of images" as a
base. When the dancers (myself included) would exit the "performing space"
we would visit one of the three computers to check out the visuals from the
other sites...then return to the "performing space". The 90 minutes seemed
to fly by...

I would like to give Amanda's questions a bit more thought before
responding...I feel I could write several pages and still not exhaust the
answer to her very first question:

"What is the dance without the sound" I will try to go into this

I, too, am glad to see so many questions and as you say, Mark, many of
these could be asked of all (interactive) dance pieces.

More later,

>Arghh... Of course my previous engagement precluded my attempts to take
>part in Cassandra.
>I am glad to see Amanda's comments -- especially the list of questions
>which could probably be thoughtfully asked of all interactive dance pieces.
>I would like to respond further, but I feel bound by the fact that I did
>not see the actual work.
>Perhaps Lisa (after some well deserved rest) has something feelings of her
>own about how the piece lived up to her expectations.
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