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Nik (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 21:54:15 -0800

>I would certainly be interested in participating in a dance specific
>link exchange. I thought that is the purpose of this list is ...
>discuss/promote dance and technology.

i mean more the ability to post/share banners related to dance on peoples
sites who wish to do this a. la.

"the link exchange"


>What do you mean by "lifeforms" choreography archive?

simply a model/animation respository. e.g. an ftp site where people can
share their animations/models

> What other modeling software for dance do you have in mind?

There is so much modeling software out there that i couldn't begin
to list them; but the best for animation software for dance like motion is
probably "character studio." Character studio allows one to only place
footsteps, in order to animate. 3D studio, softimage, lightwave 3D are
hard core big-end packages that are used for stage lighting design in

Can be used for set/lighting design for dance.

Lifeforms is probably best used as a tool to integrate with a package like
3D studio. In fact, lifeforms 2.0 now allows import/export into/from other
packages. Haven't used it but i hear poser2 has animation now.

Also not modeling software, but Photoshop 4.0 has lots of nice features
that might be useful for costume/make-up design.

>What do you mean by an online forum? Do you mean a you would write a
>"column" or that you would provide a place for people to discuss these
>issues. How would this differ than the newsgroup?

Forums differ from newsgroups in that they allow one to keep posts better
organized along threads. One thread might be modeling software, another
web site/listserv promotion, another web site tricks, another searching the
internet, etc.

an example is at

the construct conference is free but u must register.

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