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Mark Coniglio (
Wed, 11 Dec 1996 08:50:39 -0500

Good to see you on this list, Nik. I went through your pages a few weeks
ago, and they are very impressive. In terms of your questions...

>What about posting info about the list in newsgroups, submitting
>to search engines. The little search page to search list-servs on my site
>pulls up a number of dance list-servs but not the dance-tech one.

This seems to be a good idea. The most comprehensive list of dance related
info that I know of is Amy Reusch's list at

Is this the one you mean? I have information on how to join at the new
Dance & Technology site that Scott and I are creating. It is of course fine
to disseminate this information as widely as possible.

>If i wrote an online forum to discuss/promote dance and technology
>would anyone from the list use it.

What do you mean by an online forum? Do you mean a you would write a
"column" or that you would provide a place for people to discuss these
issues. How would this differ than the newsgroup?

>Would people be interested in participating in a dance specific
>"link exchange?"

Related to this, we intend to provide a resource of dance and technology
related links at our site. Just so that you know what we are up to, this
is how we plan to break down the site:


(-) Dance-Tech Mailing List - Ohio State Univesity hosts this list server
dedicated to Dance & Technology issues. This area gives instructions on how
to join.

(-) Upcoming Events - A worldwide listing of upcoming performances,
seminars, and other events that would be of interest to those who use
technology in live performance.

(-) Artist Link Page - Brief information about and links to artists who are
using technology in their live performance work.

(-) Critical Theory - Papers, monographs, and essays on the issues raised
when bringing new technological tools to live performance.

(-) Bibliography - A listing of relevant books, papers and other documents
related to the use of technology in live performance.

(-) Roll Your Own - Practical information on software, hardware, building
those nasty black boxes, as well as links to other sources of down and
dirty how-to information.


Do people feel that something is missing here? Let me know if you think we
have forgotten a major area.

OK for now. Glad to hear from you all...

Best Wishes,

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