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Fri, 18 Oct 1996 09:52:51 +0100

>>I worked full-time in the Department of Dance at Ohio State Uiversity for
>>eight years[...]
>Of course I've heard of the Labanwriter === and now that you mention it I
>remember your name in the proceedings I have from Dance and Tech 3 in
>Toronto. Interesting paper -- i've always wanted to draw on Gardner's
>'Frames of Mind' for something specific -- nice to see him used. What's up
>with the Labanwriter these days? I know someone here in Holland, in
>Rotterdam to be precise, who might be very interested. Does Labanwriter have
>a website with basic info, where to obtain, etc. -- like lifeforms?

LabanWriter 4.0 is in the works now. David Ralley took over that part of
my job at OSU and is making good progress. I'd guess a beta version might
be ready by the end of the academic year, or perhaps next Autumn. I'm
mostly a consultant on the project and only writing a bit of the code.
Mainly, I'm holding the old version together.

Toronto - Right. That was the multimedia paper. The multimedia project is
now available on CD ROM. I'm particularly happy with the part linking the
Labanotation and music scores with a couple of videos and animated
floorplans. That portion was programmed by a Dutch graduate student named
Joukje Kolff - I don't know if you've met her or not, but she would be
another good contact for you if you are interested.

You should be able to find some LabanWriter info on OSU's dance department
web server: I'd find a specific URL for you, but
I don't seem to be able to connect right now.

>>Thanks to a mandate at the last Dance & Tech. conference in Toronto, I'm
>>also in the process of launching an international professional organization
>>for dance & technology. Bye the way, I don't yet have a contact in the
>>Netherlands for that. Think you might be interested?
>Sure -- there are several artists, dance organisations and institutions in
>Holland expressing interest in dance and tech... I'm in touch with many of
>them, so would be happy to act as your contact. There has been some
>discussion about the 'dance and tech 4' conference coming over here or the
>UK in late 1997. Maybe see you there?

I guess that means that Yacov had decided *not* to bring it to Texas?
Please let me know if you hear anything more about this.

>>Bye the way, I've been reading about the interesting things that are
>>happening in the Netherlands concerning dance & technology. I'm not sure
>>how these events are being advertised, but I never heard a word about them
>>till it hit the listserv (unfortunately, much too late for me to attend or
>>submit a paper).
>This is why we are going to try to get the list going a bit and to pull in
>on our contacts to see if we can try and keep those of us interested in this
>area abreast of what's happening. We'll see if it works.

Great. I'm glad you are taking the initiative to do this, since that's why
I created this list in the first place. I'll contribute as the opportunity

- Scott

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