dance-tech discussion

Scott deLahunta (
Sat, 12 Oct 1996 13:50:02 +0100

Hi Scott,

I'm finally getting back to you regarding our proposal (Mark Coniglio and
myself) that we try to get some discussion going on the list. We have put
together a list of 20-30 of our most recent contacts in this field and will
send them an invitation to subscribe to the list. It is our hopes that this
new population will be able and willing to make the list more active. I'll
post you a copy of the invitation.

As far as the list moderation you mentioned... I think your hands-off
approach to dealing with the signal/noise ratio seems fine. Mark and I will
try to post material regularly and to make connections and cross-references
between postings when it seems appropriate... if this sounds okay to you.

By the way, what is your personal connection with this area of work --

Talk to you later.

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