Re: dance-tech discussion

Scott deLahunta (
Mon, 14 Oct 1996 21:40:25 +0100

Hi Mark -- sorry to hear about your toothache. A drag -- glad my email was
read over dinner... what was it you had anyway? I'm about to get pasta with
cilantro pesto. Sue is a great cook! I never touch the kitchen.

I'll respond sort of in brief to your suggestions on OSU -- because after
seeing your thoughts I'm inclined to agree and don't want to waste too much
energy on being in touch with them. One reason I thought of contacting them
was with the thought they might say "hey great, here's all the work we've
been doing on updated the bios/ biblio -- we don't have the time to stick on
our web site, so you guys can have it."

Now when I look at this, I think it's a little naive, much better, as you
say, to just GO FORWARD with what we have been discussing. What I would do
is send Scott Sutherland (the list-serv guy) a copy of the invitation we
send inviting people to the list... and I think we should mention our
website plans in this invitation -- and he'll get to see it then. In the
meantime, I'll thank him for his last mail and tell him I'd be glad to be
his Netherlands connection.

I'll wait to see you other thoughts, take you time... I'm entering a busy
couple o'days. Oh yes, I did mention to Susan Kozel via email about us
planning to send her an invitation to the list, and I mentioned the
website... she responded with a 'good, I'll look forward to it' -- I really
think our pals out there will be happy to see this happen.

Talk to you soon.

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