Re: On-line dance composition course

Lisa Naugle (
Thu, 3 Oct 1996 11:00:16 -0700 (PDT)


The discussions will take place on your computer. It is asycnchronous
communication. The minimum requirements are: 486 computer/ system 7, 8
mgs, 40mHD, 144 modem/prefer 2880. Participants/students will be
registering for the course and be required to read each other's weekly
essays. They will also be required to comment on and co-create Lifeforms
animations. It is a totally collaborative learning environment. It may be
probablematic is such an atmosphere to have you just participate in the
discussions if you are are fulfilling the choreograpy assignments. Due to
copyright laws, the Center for Distance Education tells me I cannot publish
the reading list here.

HOWEVER, since the course content is my responsibility, my feeling is that
it would be wonderful to have you participate. Perhaps you would like to
be involved as a guest speaker! I could provide you with the readings and
you could have a password to get into the course. During some parts of
the course, you could log in, making yourself know to the group and talk
about a particular issue. How does that sound to you? It's just my first
idea. If you like the idea, I could check it out with Iris Garland my
collaborator and the rest of the development team.

Bye for now,

>How and where will the "'On-line' discussions" take place? Can those
>outside of the course take part in these discussions? Perhaps you would
>also be willing to publish your "reading list" here since it might be
>interesting for those on this mailing list.
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