On-line dance composition course

Lisa Naugle (naugle@sfu.ca)
Wed, 2 Oct 1996 23:50:32 -0700 (PDT)

"Dancing in Cyberspace: Creating with the Virtual Body" (FPA. 229-3) is a
new ground breaking course that will be offered 'on-line' by the School for
the Contemporary Arts through the Centre for Distance Education and the
Virtual-U at Simon Fraser University in the Spring semester
(Jan.-Apr.)1997. The course has been developed by Iris Garland and Lisa
Naugle. Iris is a Professor of Dance,independent choreographer, and
Certified Laban Movement Analyst (Seattle '83). Lisa is a PhD. candidate in
Interactive Dance Technology, educator and choreographer; NYU, School of
Education, Music and Performing Arts Professions, Dance Program.

Life Forms, a 3-D human animation software program, will be introduced
through a carefully designed sequence of hands-on creative exercises and
collaborative assignments. Instructional video clips, a course study guide,
and online hints will be provided. The course instructor and tutor/marker
will be constantly available for advice and assistance.

Life Forms, developed in the SFU Graphics Lab, by T.W. Calvert and his team
of researchers, has gained a world wide reputation as a cutting edge tool
for choreographers and a wide range of educators, sports coaches,
composers, theatre directors, stage designers, and researchers in related
human movement and graphics/animation fields. The original concept for Life
Forms was developed from Laban Movement principles.

Course participants will consider theoretical issues surrounding the 'the
virtual body in cyberspace' through directed readings in critical discourse
about technology and the arts. 'On-line' discussions will provide a lively
interchange of ideas. Life Forms has great potential as a tool for
choreographers as well as Laban movement analysts.

Participants will have access to the Microcomputer Labs at Simon Fraser
University at the Burnaby campus and downtown Harbour Centre. Distance
students must have access to a power MacIntosh computer. Software will be
provided with the course materials.

WEB site: <http://www.cde.sfu.ca/dance/cyberdance.html> There is a link to
registration procedures. Information on this course is available through:

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