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Lile Elam ((no email))
Wed, 19 Feb 1997 15:55:01 -0800

Hi Rachelle,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your questions. I'll answer your
questions within your email:

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> Subject: need some help!
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> Hi! I am new to, and I'm in the process of developing my site. I have
> a few questions for you:
> Is there a limit to how much space I can use?

Yes, we do have a limit of 35 megs that we ask artists to try and
stay under. If you end up using more space, we ask that you
donate a year's scholarship for the additional space you use.

Generally though most artists stay under 35 meg. A good way to do
this is to make sure that you show everything you have in your space.
Try not to use it as a storage space and you should be fine.

> I'm going to be using image maps - do I set them up as CERN or NCSA?

Our server supports the CERN image map programs. You can see how to
use this at URL:

> Is 66k
> too large of a map or image?

The best way to tell if an image is too large is to see how long
it takes you to download it via a modem. :) If it takes more than 1-2 minutes,
it too large. People just won't wait much longer.

> How long would that take to load if someone is
> using a 14.4 modem?

Am not sure. You need to upload it via ftp to into your studio
and then use your browser to view it. You can then time how long it takes
the image to download and be displayed on your computer.

>I'd like to keep in mind that most people use 15"
> monitors, and I don't want people to have to scroll from left to right. What
> is the width in pixels that I should make an image that I'd like to fill the
> screen?

Well it really depends on what graphics card people use with their
monitor. I would say that you wouldn't want to make your page any wider
than the homepage graphic located at

> I'm using Pagemill and regarding image maps is says: specify the type of
> server and the root locations for your site. What do I need to enter?

The info on the image map help page should help you here. You may have
to hand edit your map file after you create it with pagemill.
The root for your studio is
The web server is Apache.

> I hope this isn't too many questions, and I really appreciate your help.

No problem. Sorry we were so late in responding.

> Also, is it possible for you to review my site before it goes up, because I'd
> like to make sure it all looks OK.

Yes, when you are ready to link in, let me know and I will review your
space. If it all works, we can then get you linked into the site.
Let us know if you have more questions.

> Thanks!!!!
> Rachelle