need some help!
Fri, 14 Feb 1997 11:25:04 -0500 (EST)

Hi! I am new to, and I'm in the process of developing my site. I have
a few questions for you:

Is there a limit to how much space I can use?
I'm going to be using image maps - do I set them up as CERN or NCSA? Is 66k
too large of a map or image? How long would that take to load if someone is
using a 14.4 modem? I'd like to keep in mind that most people use 15"
monitors, and I don't want people to have to scroll from left to right. What
is the width in pixels that I should make an image that I'd like to fill the
I'm using Pagemill and regarding image maps is says: specify the type of
server and the root locations for your site. What do I need to enter?

I hope this isn't too many questions, and I really appreciate your help.
Also, is it possible for you to review my site before it goes up, because I'd
like to make sure it all looks OK.