Re: imagemaps

Julia Kay (Julia_Kay@Quickmail.ucsf.EDU)
27 Feb 1996 20:39:00 -0800

Reply to: RE>>imagemaps

thanks, this really pulled the puzzle pieces together for me! i did a test and
it actually worked the first time!
now there is something else i am wondering about... in several places i have
seen sites where a random image (from a set) is loaded each time you load the
page. for instance they have something like this set up at that prepress show
some of us are in. i imagine this involves setting up a database and writing a
script of some kind... what database and/or language (cgi?) do i need to learn
to do this? would it be the same for setting up a little search form to search
by media, title or artist within my own (actually the sculpture group i'm
working with's) pages?