Re: I am having a problem

Lile Elam ((no email))
Tue, 27 Feb 1996 15:05:19 -0800

Hi Linda,

I just took a look at your html file "lulu.htm" here on
and you are almost there. See below for corrections and an example on how
to link an image to another file.... My corrections begin with --->

You will want to upload your images to in binary mode and
your html file as ascii.

lulu.htm file contents:


<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//SQ//DTD HTML 2.0 HoTMetaL + extensions//EN">
Linda Lanese's Studio 3D"Linda --->The above line is trying to load your image from your local system. Instead you will want to upload the header2.jpg image to via ftp (set binary mode). For some reason your editor made the image an imagemap which is not really needed. Replace the above line with the following:


means print a black line

Linda Lanese Studio

---> the H2 tag means header tag

Welcome to Linda's Studio! Linda hopes your visit to her area is and absorbing experience. She enjoys experimenting with color, textures, and applications. As you explore, you will find sculptures, paintings and comp= uter graphics. For more information in regard to her work, contact her at

Click on the images you wish to see.


Cosmic Lady

--> The above line is also trying to make your image an imagemap and is calling it from your local disk with the file: tag. Just ftp over cosmic.jpg and replace the above line with the following: ----> the Cosmic Lady


The Artist

---> Upload artist.jpg to and replace the above line with:

The Artist


Celestial Dreamer

---> Upload dreamer.jpg to and replace the above line(s) with:

Celestial Dreamer

---> The html file should always end in the closing </body> and </html>
tags.... Note that most tags require a closing tag that is the same name
with a / . FOr example:

<html> </html>
<title> </title>
<body> </body>
<a> </a>
<h3> </h3>
<h2> </h2>
<h1> </h1>

upper or lower case tages are fine. I tend to use lower case for easy reading.

Clickable Images:

Now to make a image clickable, you just need to suround the image with
the anchor tags <a> </a> which makes it a link. For example:

You want to link a small image called dreamer.jpg to another page that
has the larger image of dreamer on it with say some text talking
about the art piece.

To do this you would use the following html line(s):

<a href="dreamer.htm"><img src="dreamer.jpg">Dreamer page</a>

Notice the <a at the start of the line and the </a> at the end.
This means th whole line is a link and the image "dreamer.jpg"
is shown with the description "Dreamer page". When you click on
the image dreamer.jpg, the file dreamer.htm will then be displayed.

The best thing to do when trying to learn html is to look at the source
pages of other artists spaces as you browse them. The browser lets you
look at their source. If you see something you like, just copy the way they
have layed out their page and replace their images and text with your own.
This is how most of us learn html. I think that the AOL browser doesn't let
you look at the source with their browser... so what you can do is
save the source file to your local disk either with the browser or
get it with ftp.

You can compose an html file on you pc using the notepad tool under windows
or any editor. Make sure that you save the file as plain ascii so that
the program (ie. word) won't write out to disk as a special word
file that is only readable by the word program.

Another thing you can do is go an purchase a book called:

HTML Source Book
A complete guide to html 3.0

by. Ian S. Graham

I just bought a copy for myself and it's great. :) It's $30
but well worth every penny.

Finally, you might want to hold off using a web tools until
you have a good start in understanding html. It can be frustrating
not knowing why a page is coming out the way it is with such
tools and not knowing html can just make it more frustrating.

Let us know if we can be of more help. You are welcome to call
me this evening at 415.322.8021 too. :)