Re: Is there an Editor type page where I may create my studio page?

Denny North (
Wed, 20 Sep 1995 11:12:43 -0700

How do you do, Allen?

Welcome to Art on the Net! I don't believe there is an editor page for our
site. What you can do is find someone else's page you like and view its
source. Using Netscape I believe it is in the View menu. This will show
you the HTML file they used to create the page. You can also copy the text
and paste it into your own documents. Then with a few changes (substituting
your text and images) you will be ready to publish on the internet. Good
luck! Dont hesitate to ask if you have other questions . . . .

Yours very truly,
Denny North

At 08:07 PM 9/18/95 -0700, J. Allen Hansley wrote:
>Lile set me up today for my new studio. But she failed to tell me how to
>start creating my page. I know how to FTP, no problems there, but where
>can I start my pages with HTML things?

Denny W. North
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