Re: Is there an Editor type page where I may create my studio page?

DEXTER Scott (
Tue, 19 Sep 95 11:30:00 PDT

you can start here:

- which is actually pretty dry, since it's nitty gritty, but a good place
to start nonetheless cause you get right into HTML....

or here:

-this is a better place to look. - more friendly.

from there:

this is a really well done synopsis on what makes a site people will want to
come back to, its part of Andy King's Webmaster Reference Library, which is
a chestful of good stuff,

when you get ready for the bells and whistles (basically all those fun and
wonderful Netscapisms, although personally i'm torn, ask me about it
sometime), look at some of these:
kinda funky the way its done (somebody's a zen freak), but good stuff
discussion on how Netscape (and, hopefully, HTML 3.0) does real cheap
animation (dynamic document updating)

and, the most basic way to learn (like Lile pointed out) is to surf around
and check out what other people have done (mine's at - so get out there and surf, when you see
a page you like, look at the source and save it, then use snipetts of it
later in your own. NOTE: i'm talking about the HTML codes, not the content,
that would be copyright infringement (or plagiarism, i can't remember

lemme know - i'll walk you along if'n ya want