Re: gif and transparencies - info for log

Rick Jones (
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 17:53:29 -0800 (PST)

I have seen a lot of mail with requests for locations of "good" graphics
and decoder/encoder shareware.

These are my favorite ones and where to find them.....

These directories are all on FTP site

For DOS decoding/encoding...

Directory SimTel/msdos/decode/

Filename Type Length Date Description
============================================== B 31368 890725 ASCII<->binary encoding system w/error check B 15795 890212 Convert binary files to/from ASCII B 60139 940330 Send VGA 640x480 drawings in ASCII e-mail B 60928 921026 Fast XX/UU de/encoder for DOS/VAX/UNIX w/C src B 20807 931025 UUencode/split utl-Post binary files to Usenet B 11386 910116 Quick UUencode/UUdecode and XXencode/XXdecode B 24122 941005 Unix-compat. fast UUEncode/UUDecode, w/ASM src

**** Here's the easiest one I've tried: B 40282 940927 R.E. Marks' fast multi-section UU/XX EN/DEcode

for Windows Decoding.....
(haven't tried any of these but they are the latest and greatest)

Directory SimTel/win3/encode/

Filename Type Length Date Description
============================================== B 177030 940921 WIN3: Highly automated UU/XX encoder/decoder B 266083 941109 WinCode 2.61: UUencode/UUdecode for Windows3.1 B 133836 940920 XFERPRO: MIME, UU, XX encoder/decoder for Win3

Graphic programs for Windows....

Directory SimTel/win3/graphics/

Filename Type Length Date Description
============================================== B 47057 930407 Design and grow fractal trees in Windows 3.1 B 1086663 941205 WIN3: Alchemy Mindworks Graphic Workshop v1.1n B 118170 930706 WIN3: Image processing and display program B 603918 930827 WIN3: Paint Shop Pro, cvt BMP,PCX,GIF,RLE pics B 71901 910912 GIF/PCX/RLE->BMP image converter for Windows 3 B 340207 940805 BMP/GIF/IFF/JPG/PCX/PPM/TGA/TIF viewer/conv.

*** PSP, Photo Lab, and Graphic Workshop are awesome!!!

Hope this helps someone :-)

Have a good one!!!

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