Re: Placing hot button Icons anywhere on a page ?

Mark Coniglio (
Thu, 26 Jan 1995 00:54:38 -0500

>Can someone send me a HTML template showing how to
>position a GIF image anywhere on the page.
>Imagine a web page with four squares in the
>various corners of the screen --- that's what I am

There are various commands you can use in the <IMG=...> statement
to tell where to place the image on the page, though not
with the kind of control you desire. (I wanted to do that

enclosing an image spec within the <CENTER> command will
place it in the center of the screen:


adding the ALIGN= modifier to an IMG will allow the image
to be placed at the left or right of the page, with the
text flowing around it


Note that this is an extension to the original HTML. Not
all browsers recognize ALIGN= the commnand!

These examples were taken from the Troika Ranch home
page. Take a look at the HTML to see what wee did with
these commands. It certainly helps to spice up the rather
flat graphic layout you get without these commands.

... /Studios/Performance/Troika_Ranch/TroikaHome.html

I am not sure about the hot spots. Perhaps someone
else can answer that question.


Mark Coniglio Troika Ranch

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