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Lile Elam ((no email))
Wed, 25 Jan 1995 21:13:21 -0800

Hi Chris and all,

As we are on the end of a T1, we shouldn't really take any major
hits in response time no matter how large we grow. So, not to worry.

A T1 connection is 1.5 mega-bits/sec and is the same speed link
that all of Sun Microsystems uses to connect to the Internet and
they have 13000 people internally using their connection. Ethernet
is 10 megabits/sec just to give this perspective. Most of the Internet
is T1 with the major backbone being a T3 (45 megabits/sec).

The only thing I am concerned about is bandwidth usage as my
painting "Art on the Net" pays for it up til June 95. We basically
get 10gig's worth of bandwidth use over a months time period.
Currently we are using about 2 gigabytes a month. If we grow
up to 60,000 hits a day, then I will be responsible for the extra
bandwidth we use and will have to pay the bill.

That's alot of hits though and I think it will take us some time to
reach that....

In the meantime I am working on getting our non-profit status which
will enable us to take donations so we can pay for our future
bandwidth needs.



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>Date: Wed, 25 Jan 1995 20:56:09 -0800
>From: (Chris Rigatuso)
>Subject: Fwd: Re: Hello all.. -> Exponential Growth -> Internet Book Review
>(see below message) This should account for exponential growth! Consider
>also that the sites which are newly "linked" to point to, are
>also being "newly linked" to be reachable from other machines....
>Are we reaching any performance bottlenecks, which will give negative
>impressions of our site? Can we put in a real-time perfmeter in our
>home page -- so people's expectations are set appropriately?

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