Re: posting at duchimp

Barry Smylie (
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 08:30:47 -0500

> "I cannot see the global interactive system surviving. Political
> instability and financial instability are going to feed off each-other in
> a self-reinforcing fashion. In my opinion, we have entered a period of
> global disintegration only we are not yet aware of it." Soros, ('Soros on
> Soros').

I have never read Soros Brad but it sounds like modern existential philosophy
to me. We made a mistake taking that path in the sixties. Artists led the
mass into a self centered hill fort mentality that cost the arts dearly. The
war to end all wars - and all life too didn't pan out as the existential
moderns predicted but the people and their leaders became much less social
and much more greedy as a result of the applied endgame philosophies.

My answer to Soros is... prepare for the best because the worst is so utterly
bad that any preparation is of no value.

What about something provoking at The Chimp tree to lead viewers to your web
Brad - and vise versa of course...

Let's worry about making art in internet art nodes and linking and if we get
censored by worried governments and corporate interest, Ed, in keeping us
down on the nation state farm serfing.. we will deal with that then. Think
of a good hook and sink your line into the chimp gene pool buddy... old huck
old finn... "paint the fence - forget it - let's kick it and go fishin'..."