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Gerald O'Connell wrote:

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> >Avi Rosen wrote:
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> >> Hi Barry!
> >> of course we r artists in traditional way, but since ducimp sorry Marcel
> >> duchamp introduced the 'ready made' to the art world, there r new ways to
> >> make or look at art!
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> >You are quite right Avi... Duchamp's ready-mades did change everything. But
> >Duchamp is
> >history... he represents the Dada stream of modern art and a major branching
> >leading towards
> >Pop Art and Neo-Dada and Conceptualism and Installation and Performance.
> >Duchamp and Dada
> >are a force, like Cubism that must be understood if we can proceed.
> Or maybe there is no need to 'proceed' - did you think of that ?
> Sometimes the best things happen by accident, not by an intention to
> proceed. Maybe it is OK to just paint, draw, make movies, take
> photographs and so on, and see if the next bunch of chatterers who pick
> up on what you do call it 'progress'. If you have skill and imagination,
> and some kind of inner spiritual worth, then what you do will be
> 'original'. But the originality will come from the way your hands and
> mind work together, from inside you somewhere. Not from your desire to
> be original.
> The twentieth century has been littered with people sitting around,
> trying to be different, disappearing up their own concepts and achieving
> nothing. Something about The Age of Acknowledgement has made them too
> tense to actually do or make anything (except noise....).
> Gerald O'Connell
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there is no need?
how can it be resisted?
i would like to be free of any obsession including the desire to do art

i love this medium
it has to much potential
and is so seductive
i have become totally enamored
the idea of publishing in paper has become obscene to me
the stillness of it
i cannot bear the tactile nature of 250 gram hand laid rag paper
my fingers caressing it and thinking of paris rag pickers
i cannot confront the hundreds of hours of planning and drawing and etching
the grinding of stone on stone - the vent of fumes
i loath the idea of rushes and revisions on plates
trying to dissuade the "artist" away from labor intensive revisions
the shear effort of it
burdens me
and the thirty years i put into it offends my sensibilities

the internet is like a surf side game party beach blanket skipping school day
with simian pals