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Thu, 21 Jan 1999 22:08:09 +0000

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>Avi Rosen wrote:
>> Hi Barry!
>> of course we r artists in traditional way, but since ducimp sorry Marcel
>> duchamp introduced the 'ready made' to the art world, there r new ways to
>> make or look at art!
>You are quite right Avi... Duchamp's ready-mades did change everything. But
>Duchamp is
>history... he represents the Dada stream of modern art and a major branching
>leading towards
>Pop Art and Neo-Dada and Conceptualism and Installation and Performance.
>Duchamp and Dada
>are a force, like Cubism that must be understood if we can proceed.

Or maybe there is no need to 'proceed' - did you think of that ?

Sometimes the best things happen by accident, not by an intention to
proceed. Maybe it is OK to just paint, draw, make movies, take
photographs and so on, and see if the next bunch of chatterers who pick
up on what you do call it 'progress'. If you have skill and imagination,
and some kind of inner spiritual worth, then what you do will be
'original'. But the originality will come from the way your hands and
mind work together, from inside you somewhere. Not from your desire to
be original.

The twentieth century has been littered with people sitting around,
trying to be different, disappearing up their own concepts and achieving
nothing. Something about The Age of Acknowledgement has made them too
tense to actually do or make anything (except noise....).

Gerald O'Connell