prices on works in studios...

Lile Elam (
Thu, 06 Aug 1998 14:36:58 PDT

Hi fellow artists,

Today we found that one of the artists here on had
mistakenly posted prices with their art in their studio. This
is against our site policy and we notified the artist and
have de-linked their studio from the site pages. We
will re-link to their space when they correct this error.

Please see our manifesto for the site guidelines for what
is and isn't allowed on our site,

Please note that it is ok for artists to make links in their
spaces to any site, including commercial sites. So if an artist
has a commercial space on another site, it's ok to link to that
site within their studio.

It's so important that our site retain it's non-commercial
nature. This is what really set's Art on the Net (
apart from most other art sites on the web. This is also
what attracts people to our site and our efforts to stay
non-commercial are greatly appreciated by the people who
visit us here on

We need your help in keeping our site non-commercial though.
If you see any artist posting prices in their space, please
send a note to and let us know. We will
contact the artist and work with them to get the problem

If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know.



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