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Tue, 14 Jul 1998 10:38:28 -0700

Hey.. I've got something art related to talk about!

I just started painting again after a long respite... it feels great.

May the Muse of your favorite Expression whisper in your ear too.


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> So, I hope we can put the matter to rest. My personal experience is
> that
> both gentlemen, have gotten a bit too emotional and have taken the
> duel
> beyond what's called for. If they choose to continue battling each
> other,
> I'd personally rather that it's not done on this forum. It's rather
> boring.
> I agree with those who would have everybody restrict their own speech
> to
> civil communications without official restraints. I'd personally hope
> to see
> this forum used for discussion of the arts and items of true concern
> to this
> community, by which I mean: no personal attacks, counter-attacks and
> loud,
> unpleasant noises.
> This is my first and last posting on this particular thread.
> Can we get back to the subjects that interest us all?
> Thanks a million,
> Arnon
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> Well, yes I do have to admit I got slightly carried away there. I
> retract the suggestion that there be REQUIREMENTS for courtesy and
> consideration, but I do still think that SUGGESTED guidelines might be
> useful. I also agree with Ruth that many of these things do actually
> originate in misunderstandings rather than hostile intentions, and I
> think it's a really good idea to just assume misunderstanding from the
> beginning. It's good for all of us to work on growing thicker skins.
> It's also good for all of us to think about our words when attacking
> an
> idea, so we don't inadvertantly make it a personal attack instead.
> Perhaps something like that would be a sufficient guideline.
> Saelon
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