Re: [Fwd: censorship]

Saelon Renkes (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 10:13:19 -0700

I'm joining this discussion a little late as I've just returned from a
two-week workshop (sans internet connections). Michael, I'm sorry you
have had to take the brunt of Barry's hostile words, and I do also wish
he were addressing them to all of us rather than just to you.
Personally, I'm grateful to you for putting together the censorship
page. You responded to a call from Lile, who was responding to legal
actions that have been taken which might have a very negative effect on
all of us. Barry should have made his arguments against the page at the
time that Lile put out that call, or kept them to himself. I'd also like
to request that you add my work to the page.

I do think we need to work out some guidelines that at least SUGGEST
some minimum level of consideration and courtesy in writing to fellow
art.neters. Personally, I'd be more in favor of REQUIRING some minimum
levels of courtesy, with expulsion from the site being put to the vote
when those levels appear to be exceeded. None of us should have to put
up with the degree of unprovoked hostility from a fellow member that
Micheal has been receiving.



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