Re: Art.Net Studio Section Update... :)
Wed, 13 May 1998 18:57:29 -0800

>I like the idea too, as a means of showing support for this as a
>legitimate art form, but I'm also not crazy about any of the names. How
>about "Human Figure?"

yeah I like human figure
it's nice

>I also would like to figure out how to get my URL to be as short as
>Michael's. I can use <>, but if I try
>to make it the equivalent of Michael's, which would be
><http"//> it turns up an index for my pages. I'd kind of
>rather not show an index at all. Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

yes, just make a copy of the file Saelon.html, name it index.html.
then will work for you. It would be good to leave a
copy of Saelon.html so that people who have bookmarked it can find it.

C o n s t r u c t I n t e r n e t D e s i g n