Re: tell me how you see web in the future...

Tom Coffin (
Tue, 2 Dec 1997 10:04:28 -0600 (CST)


I really foresee a wide application for Internet browsers
which is to become the synthesis for tv, phone, computer.
Instead of tubing out on the couch imagine staying online.
If you want to watch/listen to broadcasted video/audio click here.
If you want to chat with a friend click there.
Then ofcourse there are all the other fun activities
of software manipulation which the computer provides.
the revitalization of utopian ideals reminiscent
of the early stages of video are very exhilarating.

As an art form.... these are really exciting times
the possibilities seem endless. web sites which can
host a multitude of media. surfing through billions
of data bits of information. multi-way interaction
with installations... so much to do so little time.

On Tue, 2 Dec 1997, Marketta Leino wrote:

> Hi, everybody,
> I`m sending you this message in hope to hear your opinion about
> web and internet in future.
> Look, I`ve been asked to tell what web gives to its users in future.
> What is the role of web in your every day life and and future?
> Art in web?
> Web as a role in massmedia? What should a web magazine/newpaper be like?
> I`ve been an artist member of since late 1995 and worked in my home
> country Finland every now and then in a tiny webpaper as a webeditor.
> Internet is in Finland new but highly expanding thing. Now, because of my
> role as a webartist and international contacts (thanks to you all), I`ve
> been asked to give a general lecture with some example (2-3 hours) in Turku
> University as a gest speaker for future web editors, web artists and
> businessman.
> Would you be kind and tell my via email what you think....:)
> thanks
> Marketta Leino
> email: