Your artwork is needed.
Mon, 15 Mar 1999 23:52:09 -0800

Dear Art Enthusiast,

According to our records, you are one who is interested in art and we
would like to let you know about a new special offer just for artists.

There is a new online art gallery that is soon to be the largest &
best on the Net. It features illustrators, cartoonists, 3D artists,
graphic designers, photographers, web designers, fine artists & more!

We would like to add your talent to the site and invite you for a FREE
6 month membership ($100 value) with no obligation to continue after the
trial. Here is a quick list of some of great features of this site:

- Free website with address, bio, past clients listing & more.
- Free e-mail account or e-mail forwarding to current address.
- Link to your own official website if you have one.
- Upload your portfolio images to the online gallery instantly.
- Detailed statistics for your website and each of your images.
- Sell your stock/prints/original images right from the site.
- Additional exposure to art buyers & art directors.
- Free image watermarking for reduced Internet copying.
- And much, much more!

In the last month we have had over 275 talented artists sign-up on
our site and our numbers are growing by large amounts each day. See
our comparison chart of the top gallery sites and how we blow them away!

Just give us 5 minutes of your time and see how great this offer is.
Just send an e-mail to the address below and we will e-mail you the
website URL and all of the details:

If you are not an artist, this is still a great place to see talented artwork from
around the globe. You can search our database to find the artists/images you
want. You can also join our referral program and each cash for referring
artists to us.

There is nothing to lose and tons to gain. Hurry, this FREE membership is only
available for a limited time. Art reps are welcome to a free membership for each
of the artists you represent. Art buyers, this is a must see site!

Thanks for your time,

Art Gallery Staff

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