Better Late Than...

Elisa Welch (
Tue, 9 Mar 1999 07:40:26 -0800


Well, OK, I originally said, "If things fall into place as I'd like them
to" and I meant it. However, ol' Murphy seems to have intervened, so said
things haven't fallen into said place quite so neatly. (Take your pick of
excuses: flu/sore throat, very busy engineer, St Paddy's Madness, full-time
day gig, midlife crisis, dog ate my homework...)

Consequently there will be a bit of a delay in releasing "The Wheel." It
won't be ready by March 17 as I'd hoped. Instead it should be available
around Bealtaine, aka May Day, or right around the first of May.

I hope you'll agree that it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, many
of the lyrics and a few sound samples are posted online at

If you haven't done so already, please contact me to reserve your copies.
(Both CDs and cassettes will be available. No vinyl, though. It's
folk-influenced music but it's not *totally* retro...)

Thanks, and Happy Almost Spring!

Mighty Spud Music
Left-Coast Neo-Celtic Folk