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The WWW Cultural Channel

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OKP - The first International Open Art Contest on the WWW

1) Submission deadline for presentation of art works online has been
extended till 30-01-98

2) Inscribe yourself as a member of the International Online Web
Jury and take part in this milestone event.

3) More than 1.000 Artworks are already online to
be judged. (Discover new talents.....)


Golden Days in Copenhagen 4-20 September 1998
Golden Days in Copenhagen is a celebration of the Danish Golden Age
now being arranged for the third time in 1998. The festival includes
exhibitions, concerts, ballet, drama, an international Golden
Age symposium; all fields of art are represented, with the period
1800-1850, The Danish Golden Age, as their starting point. The first
half of the nineteenth century was one of the most fruitful periods in
the history of Danish culture, when the arts and sciences were
simply brimming over with talented figures, geniuses and masters in
their field. It is the aim of the Festival to extend knowledge of this
period and to relate it to the Denmark and the people of today.


is the place where you can find Austria's most valued resource:
Culture. It's about art, music, literature and science.
Find out about upcoming Austrian events, and educational programs,
in the US and Austria or visit the current exhibition at our virtual
gallery. Check it out!


Australia is rich in digital media culture and a growing number
of cultural networks. The Culture Domain is the latest of these
networks bringing together many contemporary arts groups
and artists in a consortium of work, exhibitions and sites for
easy and global access to Australia's creative core.

Links from the sites will take you on to further networks and
sites around Australia or featuring Australian artists and their work. is a resource for all Australian culture.


With traditional galleries struggling and artists' percentages dwindling,
Art Vision International was created as a viable alternative, not only
as a virtual gallery, but also as a destination for information, education,
discussion and discovery.

Today, AVI not only hosts a collection of some of British Columbia's
most prominent artists, but also represents artists, "alive today", past,
present and future, from around the world.

Please, enjoy a virtual walk through our growing Collectors Gallery of
American, European and Oriental masterpieces, then stop for a moment
to contemplate our articles & essays section

The WWW Cultural Channel
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