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Book Publishers:

An online service that helps you create and publish your own book. You can sell your original books in their onsite bookstore. They also provide software (BookSmart) which enables you easily create content for a book. This site hosts a Forum for questions and answers.
IBIC maintains a guide to resources for book-lovers on the Internet, as well as regularly updated book reviews and What's New information.

Just Imagine It Ink
Just Imagine It Ink is a Full Service Provider offering Marketing, Publishing, and Proofing of e-books and audio books for emerging and published authors. *See how our method puts you in control of the self-publishing process while retaining all rights to your book." Art submissions, featured sales and marketing available.

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Groups : Displays / Writing Forums

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the kinte space
A cyber verse does not totally depend on the typesetting to divide itself into rhythms. Other media can be used to create the rhythm ... that is so essential to poetry. Interactive links to supplemental text, images, motion graphics and sound are not used to dress up or prop up the typesetting but it serves to compliment and enhance the intellection.

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Writing Forums

The AlienFlower Poetry Workshop
The AlienFlower Poetry Workshop is a live forum in which poets and writers can read and comment upon each others' works-in-progress. These pages are open to all poets who seek critical responses from objective readers.

The Fiction Network
... a web site for aspiring and unpublished authors ... now showcases sixteen novels and anthologies in serial form, plus six short stories. An archive displays additional works from authors worldwide.

has a fiction slam, group journal, classifieds, book reviews, and links to other literary sites.

Planet AUTHORity
A virtual space for poetry and storytelling, a place to talk about myths and realities and fantasies with poets and storytellers, a place to read, listen and interact in a multi-media environment.

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Individuals : Fiction / Poetry / Mixed / Nonfiction,Other

Note: For historic authors, see Yahoo's Authors page.

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Ariga: The Avram Cohen Mystery Series
A series of mystery novels about crimes in Jerusalem.

P235 :: what's goin' down
Rock Q&A about God / issues. Poetry and lyrics by Gary Ottoson.

Pagan Holiday
Features dark fantasy, erotica and horror themed literary fiction, including "Flesh Hell", the newest novel by Kirsten Imani Kasai. Also includes "Beautiful Machines", women's letters to their bodies and "Celebrity Dreams", readers' dreams about famous folk.

Rowena's Page
"... a collection of contemporary short stories about the life of a young woman." by S.D. Youngren.

Simona Busto
A virtual writer sharing short stories and many links. Simona was published two times in anthologies and won a mention in the literary competitions: Premio Artenuova 2004 and Premio 2004.

The Tales of Tanais the Fox
Mythic stories of animal spirits and adventures.

Xander Stories
"Short stories and cartoons about young, ambitious and slightly confused people living in New York City, in the style of James Thurber. These stories originally appeared on telephone poles, in subway stations, and in pizza parlors and laundromats around New York City."

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Amy King - Antidotes for an Alibi
Amy King's poems leap from small, fragile moments into grand gesture and godly vision. Her snapshots of downtown folklore connect on the most basic, truthful level. "If I were you, I would wait for me," King writes. I advise you to do what she says. --Daniel Nester

The Classics of Hsiao Tze-Ming
various verse, with selections from famous authors as well as the page's author.

Dusty's Home Page
"Poems by a woman who was a nurse in Vietnam."

Eric's Poetic GUMBO
"Meet 'The Poeticican'. One of today's brightest contemporary poets. His poems draw you in and leave you breathless. They make you cry, laugh and sometimes even think. He will also pen a personal poem for you at your request."

MyLovePoet - Classic, Friendship, Romantic, Love Poems & Quotes.
MyLovePoet - Who's Cool and Funky? Mylovepoet dares and takes the reader on an appetizing, delicious journey.

Poems of S.D. Rodian
an extensive collection of language poems.

Tushar's poetry page
marathi poems, english poems, as well as links and selected material from rec.arts.poems.

ve Poems & Quotes.
MyLovePoet - Who's Cool and Funky? Mylovepoet dares and takes the reader on an appetizing, delicious journey.

Wasted Love Letters
"... a 1994 collection of words and pictures by one of the Pacific Northwest's leading swamp goddesses, Montana."

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Andrew Burke
"... the mid-Sixites, Andrew Burke has been writing and publishing poetry, short stories, literary journalism, and book reviews. ... He lives in Shenton Park, Western Australia."

Cactus Bob's Homepage
"Cactus Bob is actually Robert Luttrell. Poet, Writer, Story Teller. He lives in Duvall, Wa. His hobbies are writing poetry, searching out wild edible plants and mushrooms. He belongs to the 'Valley of The Moons Poet Society' which reads poetry every equinox. He has written 5 books to date."

Chakabrah's House
"Born in the Year of the Horse when the moon was in the house of Cancer. Lives in New York. Eats solids. Drinks liquids. Writes often. Loves often. Kills rarely. "

Conscious Creating with Sara Robinson
This is a site which introduces the work of actor, producer, teacher, and writer, Sara Robinson, including her weekly radio talk show, "Conscious Creating with Sara Robinson". The radio show features distinguished artists from the fields of dance, film, music, television, theater, and visual art. Artists engage in lively conversations on the topic of conscious creating.

crown o' gems
"The flash of a wing. The glittering of gems. A page filled with poetry, prose, and letters." Creative writings, interests by jewel and others.

crown o' gems
"The flash of a wing. The glittering of gems. A page filled with poetry, prose, and letters." Creative writings, interests by jewel and others.

James Aire: Selected Writings
Personal site contains the selected experimental and surrealist writings of James Aire, including Pope Peter & the Moon Child, torn threads, and to here knows when.

Jennifer's Homepage
stories and poetry by Jen Harvey.

by Dale J. Sprague. "These compositions originate from instinctive impulse, and without over endeavoring to convert such dim light to bright, there are voices, but only one character. There is a journey, but no story. There is truth, but no formal proof."

Robert Sward
"A Guggenheim award-winning poet now producintg multi-media collages for the ... Web." includes a serio-comic novel, a novel, poems, and a historical piece.

The Vent, Home of the Thunder Eggs
"Thunder Eggs, in the geological sense, form over the course of millions of years. They start out as air bubbles of superheated gases trapped deep in a rising column of magma." stories and poems by Scott E. Hancock.

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File Not Found 404
"T.S.Thomas is a [Canadian] poet and visual artist. His latest project is a conceptial work titled, File Not Found 404. It is a commentary on the Web and expands on his original, now 'defunct' website launched December 6th, 1995."

Medicine and Poison: Doug Fine Unedited
"...a ... writer who's traveled to Rwanda, Suriname, Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, cyberspace and deep within his own head to write fiction, journalism and educational features about all that he sees as askew and balanced on a small planet. Socio-environmental-political issues and humor abound."

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Online Books & Book Stores:

Aggarwal Overseas.Com
An Online Indian Book Store that offers bestseller India Books and products.

An American based store that offers online shopping for Books, electronics, DVD's and much more. This store originally started out selling just books but has since expanded into many other retail areas.

read free online books | howto
Read free online books at Over 150 books covering topics such as living and working abroad, family & wellbeing, as well as an expert blog written by our authors.

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Publications :
Sections: Fiction / Poetry / Mixed / Nonfiction,Other

The Burnt Ones: Literary Awards News
The Burnt Ones: Literary Awards News keeps track of literary prizes awarded around the world. Updated daily, or whenever events take place.


E-scape: the Digital Journal of Speculative Fiction
"E-scape publishes science, fantasy, and horror fiction and anything in-between. The journal is published in Adobe Acrobat and HTML formats. Our web site provides additional content and an opportunity to interact with authors, artists, the editorial staff, and other readers."

"... a yearly electronic anthology dedicated to providing one-click access to the Internet's best short fiction and authors. The stories featured are culled from a collection of electronic magazines ... published on the net from across the globe, and feature both established and previously unpublished authors."

gargarney - comic short fiction
"Fiction in the tradition of T.C. Boyle, Martin Amis, et al. ... smart and witty."

"We publish entertaining, well-written and cleanly-edited stories ranging from the mainstream to science fiction, along with stories that defy genre descriptions."

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Haiku Circus
Always unique, always cleaver, and always 17 syllables -- Haiku Circus abides by the criteria for haiku poetry.

Illya's Honey
a quarterly journal of poetry and art published by the Dallas Poets Community.

Love Poems and Quotes
A collection of romantic love poems and quotes, as well as a free monthly poetry contest.

Zero City
"ground zero for explosive poetry".

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blood alley
"The Vancouver Echo's magazine of pop culture, sex, death, music, and personal affirmation."

"... a Los-Angeles-based poetry/fiction magazine printing 31,000 bimonthly copies which are distributed for 'phree' in California or available on newsstands nationally...."

"An electronic journal of contemporary art and writing based at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia."

poetry, fiction, audio, art, columns, hypermedia texts, diatribes, mixed media.

the green Cart Magazine
"... a multi-faceted project that specializes in human expression. Combining the traditional with the bizarre and everything digital ... Vancouver's answer to all local and international artistic, cultural & multi-media endeavors ... on paper and on the Internet."

Gruene Street
"an outlet for high-quality prose & poetry ... to a general academic/literary audience."

The Hawk
a journal of ideas, prose, poetry, art from the mountains of Santa Cruz, California.

"... a web journal of hypertexted literature and art that is constructed somewhat like a labyrinth wherein works grow over time. The site presents literary work from an international collection of authors and is edited and designed by inter-disciplinary artist Elizabeth Fischer."

Potpourri Magazine
"Potpourri Publications is dedicated to: Produce and distribute fine quality literary publications, Publish and promote works of poets, writers, and artists, Support literary arts through educational endeavors, Foster appreciation of our culturally diverse society."

Sycamore Review
"...a nonprofit journal for the arts published twice annually by the Department of English at Purdue University. All work on the magazine, from editorial and design considerations to business matters, is handled by graduate students in Purdue's Department of English. The magazine was founded in 1989 and is now in its eighth volume of publication."

Tempus Fugit Online
"This site proves that the struggles of the modern artist need not be vain battles against society and inspiration or pretentious extensions of hollow ideals. The fight for originality and creativity can be won decisively, yielding wondrous and expressive landscapes to be lived in and experienced by all."

"Ygdrasil is dedicated to providing the best in Modern International Poetry and Literature. Ygdrasil is a monthly Publication and welcomes submission from around the world."

Zuzu's Petals
a critically acclaimed small press journal, now on the Web.

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In Motion
"In Motion Magazine is a multicultural, English / Spanish, online magazine which promotes grassroots organizing and art for social change among communities of color and working people."

Virginia Tech Online Literature Project
puts quality print journals on the web.

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Radio :

Fiction / Poetry / Mixed / Nonfiction,Other

New Letters A magazine of writing and art.

New Letters on the Air hosted by Angela Elam, is the half-hour radio companion to the literary quarterly magazine New Letters. Interviews with writers and artists are featured on this show.

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Reference : Authors / Ezines / Finding Literary Information / General Resources for Writers / Small Press Publishers / Text Archives / Other

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Internet Poetry Archive
contains the work of poets from around the world, including Seamus Heaney, Czeslaw Milosz, and Phillip Levine.

WritersNet: Internet Resource for Writers, Editors, Publishers, and Agents
"A searchable directory of hundreds of published writers on the Net. Each entry contains a listing of published works, biographical statement, and contact information. Published writers can add/edit their entries online."

Yahoo's Authors Index
a good list of writers, various genres and formats.

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John Labovitz's e-zine-list
"This is a directory of 400+ electronic 'zines around the world, accessible via the Web, Gopher, FTP, email, and other services. This list is updated at the beginning of each month."

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Finding Literary Information

American and English Literature Internet Resources
This bibliography attempts to highlight some of the major internet sites for American and English Literature. Included are world wide web sites, listservs, newsgroups and homepages of various authors.

American and English Literature Web Resources
This is a listing of websites that feature English and American Literature. Hosted by the University of Rochester - River Campus Libraries.

BUBL Information Service
links to literature-related sites by dewey classification and subject. includes journal articles.

"... a centralized, integrated, and unified collection of significant [web] and other Internet resources categorized using the Library of Congress classification scheme ... The majority of resources incorporated within its collection are monographic or serial works, files, databases or search services. All of the selected resources in CyberStacks(sm) are full-text, hypertext, or hypermedia, and of a research or scholarly nature."
Home to one of the largest free information databases online, has something for everyone. Visitors can browse through our eclectic collections catalog and contributors can host and share their unique collections with millions worldwide.

The Internet Sleuth
search online databases by category.

Librarians' Index to the Internet

Literature Resources
including literary texts, collections by genre, sites devoted to authors or their works, and more.

basic resources. also includes literary theory and literary cyberplaces.

Multiple Authors & E-Texts Centers Page

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General Resources for Writers

Children's Writing Resource Center
all kinds of resources for children's writers.

The Literature Network
Searchable text archive of classic literature organized by author. Over 250 authors and over 1700 books are included. Includes the largest classic litera ture discussion forum on the Internet with over 25,000 members.

U.S. Copyright Office
information from the source.

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Small Press Publishers

The Barefoot Press Free Poetry Homepage
"South Africa's first dedicated poetry website and home of free poetry."

Beaconway Press
a haven for conservative intellectuals.

A Small Garlic Press
"A Small Garlic Press (ASGP). Chapbooks of selected poets and writers - emphasizing internet artists. Graphics and excerpts from books, and poetry of ASGP associates."

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Text Archives

Banned Books Information On-line:

American Library Association
Presents Banned and Challenged Books.

Offers information about banned and controversial books.

Facebook: Banned Books Week
Facebook Group discussing banned books.

Google Books
Explore Banned Books.

Open Culture
Discusses 74 Free Banned Books (for Banned Books Week).

Wikipedia: Banned Books
List of books banned by governments.

The English Server
a cooperative which publishes online a wide-ranging collection of humanities and literary texts. particular areas of interest may be:

The ETEXT Archives
one of the largest on-line collections of books, essays, and other literary material from a wide range of topics.

Lithuanian Poetry
"Large collection of Lithuanian poetry translated into English."

On-line Books Page
Listing over 1 million free books on the Web.

Project Gutenberg
a large set of literature and reference books. "The Project Gutenberg Philosophy is to make information, books and other materials available to the general public in forms a vast majority of the computers, programs and people can easily read, use, quote, and search."

Turkish Poetry Home Page
a sizeable collection of Turkish poets, also in English translation.

University of Virginia Electronic Text Library
they have a varied collection of literature in a few languages; however most of their material is licensed and unavailable to the general public. of particular interest are:
Lady Freedom Among Us
by Rita Dove, in text, image, audio, and video.
British Poetry 1780-1910
currently has poetry by Shelley, Coleridge, Tennyson, and others.
Modern English and Middle English
hundreds of publically available texts.
Special Collections from the University of Virginia
(includes a number of African-American resources).

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Bay Area Writers' Groups
pointers to writers' workshops and groups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Cabinet of Dr. Casey - The Horror Web Page
information about the genre.

Life Quotes
Awe-inspiring collection of life quotes.

The Literary Times
"A journal for lovers of romantic fiction".

Love Quotes
Provides a large collection of Love quotes, sorted by categories.

South Asian American Literature
"In the South Asian diaspora, belonging has always involved a process of transforming selves and recreating homes. A familiar tension has been the immigrant conflict of home as a physical site in North America and home as an emotional concept tied to the ancestral country, and the challenging of both notions in the second generation."

Tim Love's literary references
a succienct list of links to prose, poetry, resources, groups, and other areas of interest to writers.

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