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Art.Net Links Submission Form

If you have a virtual web space that you would like to have our site link to, just fill out our links submission form and submit it. We will review your site and place a link to it on our site if it is similar in our site's interest.

This is a service that we offer to the art community on the web. We just request a one time donation ($25 US is the suggested amount but this can be whatever you can manage) for each link submitted. Donations are voluntary and are not tax deductable at this time. However, link requests submitted with donations will be given top priority in getting processed.

Please include the URL (web address) of the site link request in all your corrispondence (email and payments).

Payments are accepted via PayPal.Com (our account there is or by check made payable to "Art.Net" and sent to our address:
	P.O. Box 1395
	Menlo Park, CA 

We also accept Site donations to help support Art.Net which are greatly appreciated. Such donations will be used for membership scholarships on our site to help sponser artists in need. Please note that these donations are not tax deductable at this time. We are hoping to become a non-profit someday and when that happens, donations will be come tax deductable. For now we are still a not-for-profit which means that all funds received are used to help support Art.Net.

We reserve the right to not link to a site.

To make sure we do not already have a link to your site, please search our links pages for your site first here on Art.Net:

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