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Welcome to this gallery of original artwork by Laszlo Tar! The gallery holds a series of exhibits reflecting cataloged works by this fine life-long artist. Each work is a scanned photograph of the original, with special care being given to color accuracy.

Who is Laszlo Tar?
He is an artist who has been at work for over 70 years! His work is significantly influenced by life in America, where he has lived for more than 40 years. Yet his style is distinctly European, resulting in a rich palette combination which is very special and quite unique.

Being best categorized as a post-impressionist painter and expressive graphic artist, Tar regards himself,foremost, as a colorist and figurative artist. He strives to apply colors in harmony with his immediate personal inspiration. With his expressive India ink and oil pastel figuratives he delivers a deep, intense degree of emotion that is quite remarkable and unmistakable. Yet, there is much more to his art. What is the secret of his depiction? From his many works, one message is clear - that of love and passion for life and humanity, in all it's forms. Mr Tar is a master of contrast and composition!

Tar's work has received few public displays in America, where he has remained largely an unknown artist. His many works include Watercolors, Oils, India Ink and Oil Pastel Drawings and Woodcuts.

Style, Inspiration and the Viewer
The art itself draws upon Tar's individuality and delivers an integrated view of the world he sees and feels. As he puts it:

"My most compelling desire is to make my intentions clear; to express my innermost beliefs and feelings and to expose the subjective part of me. It is a marriage of eye and decision."

His scenes are always recognizable, yet he specifically leaves ample room for the viewer's mind to roam; so that he or she too become part of the original inspiring moment. This connection with the viewer grows with each new study of the work, bringing a reward inherent with the rich art of great masters.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to our gallery and that you will take a moment to sign our guest book.

Limited Edition Prints are available at TARART.COM.

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