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Born in Hungary, in1922, Laszlo Tar began to draw and paint his world at the early age of five. Formally educated at the Budapest Academy of Fine Arts, his work and studies carried him to Bologna, Italy where he became a student of the great master Giorgio Morandi. He gave his first one-man show in 1955, in Budapest, and his success afforded him the opportunity to make a good living selling his work to collectors, publishers and the local government. In 1957, he immigrated to the United States with his family, settling in New York City, where he continued his work with Raphael Soyer, at The New School.

For the next four decades, he passionately focused on his painting, drawing and woodcuts, while working for periods in the New York textile industry. In 1989, he participated in a large four person show, in Budapest, where several of his figurative woodcut pieces were sold. During 1991, he held numerous successful one person shows throughout Hungary. Several of his watercolor paintings and drawings are part of the permanent collections of the Budapest Museum of Fine Art and the Municipal Museum in Rome.

Tar’s work is significantly influenced by life in America, where he has lived for more than forty years. His style is distinctly European, resulting in a rich palette combination that is fresh, very painterly and quite unique. Being best categorized as a post-impressionist painter and expressive graphic artist, Tar strives to apply his strokes in harmony with his personal inspiration of the “here and now”. All of his work is completed on location, delivering a spontaneous and integrated view of the world as he sees and feels it at the moment.

His scenes are always recognizable, yet he specifically leaves ample room for the viewer's mind to roam -- so that he or she too become part of the original inspiring moment. This connection with the viewer grows with each new study of the work, bringing a reward inherent with the rich art of great masters.

Tar’s many original works include Watercolors, Oils, India Ink and Oil Pastel Drawings and Woodcuts.

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