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Andrej Vystropov
110x150 cm, 2000

Andrej Vystropov
150x160 cm, 1988

Andrej Vystropov
"Girl and Bird"
50x45 cm, 1993

Andrej Vystropov
"Work is finished"
85x85 cm, 1998

Andrej Vystropov
"All will pass"
140x100 cm, 1998

Andrej Vystropov
Essay by Piotr Letvinsky
Honored painter of Russia, Professor of the V.I. Surikov Insitute, Moscow

His pictures are a special space, not only constructed according to the classical laws of perspective, but also saturated with emotions of contemporary reality. Each canvas is the beginning of a long reflection, an immersion in a world of complex associations.

Each is distinguished with simplicity, clarity and great technical skill. There is a close connection between the spirituality of the image and the technical accomplishment - one of the main lessons learned by Vystropov from the technique and art of the renaissance masters. These lessons are enriched by the experience of a person who has already entered the new millennium, whose vital questions are: What is the meaning of life? What is the meaning of good and evil? Vystropov is trying to find answers to these questions but, as in life, the answers cannot be unequivocal.

The artist's series "Twelve Months" personifies the harmony of Nature's ongoing renewal. In the painting entitled "Everybody Carries His Cross", life consists of tragic spiritual searching and suffering, something that everyone experiences to a greater or lesser degree. The meaning of the painting "Good and Evil" is a scrupulous moral search in a sequence of life conflicts.

Between, 1994-1995, Vystropov took part in two major art projects. The first of them was in Furstenhagen Church, near Berlin, where the artist designed seventeen stained-glass windows, depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments. This work was one more interpretation of biblical myths, laconic and tragic.

The second project, connected with the opening of the Rhein-Main Theatre near Weisbaden, was an artistic illustration of myths of the present day. Vystropov has created four large paintings devoted to the Andrew Llloyd Webber musical "Sunset Boulevard", which has been paying at that theater since 1995. Together with these major art projects, Andrej Vystropov has been constantly creating new pictures. Each of them is a strong alloy of spiritual insight, scrupulous intellectual work and masterly technique. Each of them is a search and a discovery. These canvases are the essence and the meaning of the artist's life.

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