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Russian Art on the Net

Projects and Galleries

  • Artinfo Multimedia Publishers ( Moscow )
    presents the project "From Russia With Art" which provides access to Databank of the Russian fine arts, which Artinfo has been compiling since 1992. Databank contains more then 5000 artworks of more 500 artists of Russia. They represent all forms of contemporary fine art. The "Contemporary Fine Arts" Series on CD-ROM is part of Artinfo's Computer Collection of Art, began publication in 1994. By the end of 1999 there will be ten volumes, covering approximately 10000 artworks. Art links
  • Art Palace
    A collection of unique artworks, created by artists from the former USSR and other countries of the world. Artists invitation.
  • Russian Gallery
    features the works of Russian artists from the collection of Valentin Ryabov (Moscow). Art links.
  • SibArtNet gallery
    includes over 400 examples of the best work by 30 artists of Omsk and Novosibirsk, of Siberia's cultural and administrative centers. It covers all styles of modern art ranging from romantic surrealism to hooliganism. Art links
  • Stalker gallery
    of contemporary Russian painters. At preset the gallery includes more then 100 examples of the work of seven artists. You can information about artists' personal and professional histories, their working methods and art exhibitions. Art links and artists invitation .
  • TeleArt International
    presents the greatest art gallery in Russia. The gallery has 'fine art' and 'folk art' exhibitions. All works are available for sale. Right now, the fine art part presents over 400 works by 60 St.Petersburg artists. Most of them are already well-known and presented in private museums and collections in many countries.
  • Virtual Gallery of St. Petersburg Artists


  • A. Antonov's Art
    Classical Art Gallery of Oil Paintings, Digital Illustration and Art Education. Art links.
  • Art of Maria Kazanskaya
    Online gallery of oil paintings by Maria Kazanskaya, a Russian artist. Colorful, painterly landscapes, still life, florals.