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Our internet gallery was established by the art agency "Stalker" in December 1995. In October 1996 we joined "Art on the Net". We are the first art agency in Czech Republic, who works with professional Russian artists.
We organize exhibitions for sale and prepare some kinds of prints with works of our artists ( catalogues, posters ).
Our first huge exhibition was in Prague in 1991.
At present we work with nine professional Russian painters : Andrey Vystropov ,Vladislav Koval, Georgi Matevosjan, Andrey Fedorov, Nikolai Romanov, Andrey Averianov, Vladimir Nujdin, Pavel Tyryshkin and Michael Obmanschin.
Our permanent exhibition in Prague shows more then 150 works and every two months we add 30 - 40 new works to our exposition.
Also we are trying to take part in different art projects. See, for example, recent projects of Andrey Vystropov:
  • Four big paintings ( 250 x 400 cm ) dedicated to the famous Andrew Llyod Webber musical "Sunset Boulevard" ( for Rhein-Main Theatre, Weisbaden ( Germany ) )
  • Seventeen sanctuary stained glass windows for Church Furstenhagen near Neustrelitz ( Germany ).
    Our address:
    Art agency "STALKER"
    Petra Jilemnickeho 1780
    CZ 347 01 Tachov
    Czech Republic

    Tel ++420 - 602-46-0408
    Fax ++420 - 184 - 3577
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