Nikolai Romanov  ( St.Petersburg )
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Nikolai Romanov (St.Petersburg ) was graduated from the Art College of V.A.Serov /speciality of restorer/ in 1980. Later / in 1987 / , when he finished his studies at the Repin's Institute of the Art , he was awarded the prestigious Silver Medal by the Academy of Art. He worked under the tutelage of well known professor E.E.Mojeseenko. Romanov is a member of Russian Painter Union.
N.Romanov is excellent above all like landscape-painter, he uses the elements of constructivism and presentation of the space depth. His "vertical" composition " with maximum of the objects on the relative small surface and his variety of colour , have their origin in the Russian icons, in the art of Cezanne and in so-called "turned-up" perspective. The colour and "inner situation" in the Romanov's landscape- paintings are results of the "spiritual occurrence" and of the long-termed creative activity". Romanov emanates from cubism and he meets with some elements of cubism in the Russian temple architecture. His personal exhibitions were in Portugal, Greece, Czech Republic.
Last exhibitions ( 1996 ):

  • personal exhibition in St.Petersburg
  • personal exhibition in Stuttgart (Germany): "Gallery A"
  • exhibition of the art agency "STALKER" in Prague.
    Romanov's works are exhibited in the museum of St.Petersburg Academy of Arts and in many private collections of Russia, Germany, France, Czech Republic, Greece.
    Also you can find some of his works in the gallery TeleArtInternational
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