Georgi Matevosjan ( Volgograd )
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Georgi Matevosjan
Architect by profession, Matevosjan started his artistic career as interior designer. In the past decade, however, he has devoted his talents to creating designer jewelry and to painting. In both these genres he belongs to the 1980s school of Post-Modernism.
Influenced by his work with metals and precious stones , Matevosjan gives a great deal of attention to light. He studies its passage through transparent media such as water, glass and curtains; its reflection off and refraction in mirrors , metals and glass; and its fading away in darkness. His preoccupation with light has also influenced his choice of objects and scenes. He paints tears, glass, bubbles, balloons and transparent balls sous-pended in mountains and oceans or on the smooth bodies and faces of women, to express inner feelings, moods and cynicism. Besides exploring the depth of the human psyche, his paintings also search for solutions to the burning problems of environmental degradation. His preferred colours are shades of yellow, ochre and earth brown, and his painting style embodies elements of Surrealism , Cubism and Impressionism. Exhibitions: Russia, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Czech Republic.