Vladislav Koval  ( Volgograd )
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Graduate of the Moscow Graphics Art institute , Vladislav Koval has illustrated more than 200 books and designed more than 150 theater and musical posters. He has also designed over 100 stamps, including the last Soviet and first Russian stamps. A number of Koval's stamps are included in the private collection of H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth. Koval has been involved in the design of the new Russian currency.
As a painter , Koval works predominantly with green, blue or yellow hues. He skillfully transforms real-life themes into symbols evoking enigma, fantasy and magic. Using appropriate horizontal stratification, he achieves a monumental portrayal of objects, which draws in the observer and humbles him. Koval deals with issues pertaining to both the external and imaginary worlds. His monumental paintings encourage the observer to use his senses and imagination in a way that would lead him to the ideals of humanism. The painter employs elements of other styles - Impressionism as well as Expressionism, Symbolism and Surrealism - to show the Freudian working of the human subconscious.
Exhibitions: Russia, Canada, Germany, Belgium, France, Czech Republic.